University-wide unit of Calisia University

The European Observatory of Health Inequalities is a university-wide unit of Calisia University. The observatory was established by the Resolution of the University Senate of April 19, 2018.

The Observatory closely cooperates with the “Health Promotion” Foundation, which has been actively working since 1991 to build health competences of Poles, as well as to prevent and eradicate chronic diseases. The overriding goal of the Foundation’s work is to popularize the idea of ​​non-smoking and other beneficial health behaviors as a lifestyle. The Foundation conducts numerous health campaigns, research, prepares scientific and educational publications and organizes training programs. Calisia University has been cooperating with the Health Promotion Foundation since 2016.

Calisia University and the “Health Promotion” Foundation jointly publish the English-language journal Journal of Health Inequalities, which is devoted to problems related to the differences in access to health in Poland and other European countries, key factors shaping the health of society, as well as broader issues of global health public.

The Head of the European Health Inequalities Observatory is prof. Witold Zatoński. Doctor since 1966, full professor of medicine, honorary doctor of the University of Aberdeen in Great Britain. In the years 1966-1979, an internist (Ph.D.), biochemist at the Medical Academy in Wrocław, then, until 2016, Head of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Epidemiology and Prevention Department of the Oncology Center in Warsaw. The founder and president of the “Health Promotion” Foundation.