Roundscan 555 HR (Jenoptik, Hommel-Etamic, Niemcy)

maszyna roundscan555hr

A stand for unequivocal measurement of form and positional tolerances


coaxiality, concentricity
radial axal run out
totalradial axal run out


measurable diameter: 430 mm.
measurable height: 550 mm.
measuring axes: C, Z, R, X, Y.

Waveline Nanoscan 855 (Jenoptik Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH, Germany)

maszyna nanoscan855

A stand for simultaneous control of roughness and surface contour in one pass


surface topography


measuring range: 24 mm
resolution: 0,6 nm
positioning accuracy: ±25 μm
prędkość pomiaru: od 0,1 do 3 mm/s

LH 65 Coordinate Measuring Machine (Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)

współrzędnościowa maszyna pomiarowa
współrzędnościowa maszyna pomiarowa - głowica pomiarowa

Geometry measurements of rotationally symmetrical and prismatic parts


touch trigger measuring system RENISHAW PH20


measuring ranges [mm]: X = 650, Y = 750, Z = 500
accuracy: 2,5 μm + L/300

LEITZ Infinity Coordinate Measuring Machine (Hexagon Metrology, Germany)

maszyna pomiarowa leitz infinity
maszyna pomiarowa leitz infinity

A reference measuring machine for manufacturing, quality control centers and metrology labs


“Closed Frame” design with fixed portal and moving table
separated air conditioning system (Weisstechnik)


measuring ranges [mm]:
X = 1200, Y = 1000, Z = 600
measuring error: 0,2 μm
accuracy: 0,3 μm + L / 1000
max. positioning speed: 400 mm/s
max. acceleration: 3000 mm/s2
scales resolution: 0.004 µm

WGT 600 Specialized 4-axis Measuring Machine for gears (Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)

Specjalizowana czteroosiowa maszyna współrzędnościowa WGT 600 (Wenzel, Niemcy)
Specjalizowana czteroosiowa maszyna współrzędnościowa WGT 600 (Wenzel, Niemcy)

Measurements of gears and gear machining tools using specialized measuring device


accuracy: Group 1 acc to VDI/VDE 2612/13
measuring range [mm]: X = 500, Y = 320, Z = 650
measurable diameter: 430 mm

Stans for Single Flank of Bevel and Cylindrical Gears Measurements: do 140 k, do 2 pc

Urządzenia do badania współpracy jednostronnej kół zębatych (Gearspect, Czechy)
Urządzenia do badania współpracy jednostronnej kół zębatych (Gearspect, Czechy)
do 140 k pc: stand for single flank of bevel gears measurements
do 2 pc: stand for single flank of cylindrical gears measurements

ATOS ScanBOX 5108 with ATOS III Triple Scan 3D scanner (GOM GmbH, Germany)

ATOS ScanBOX 5108, głowica skanująca ATOS III Triple Scan (GOM, Niemcy)

3D coordinate measuring, full field scanning & inspection, quality control, reverse engineering, GD&T analysis


dimensions: 2000 × 2550 × 2700 mm
max. diameter of part: Ø 800 mm
maks. weight of part: 300 kg


accuracy: < 0,02 mm
working distance: 490 x 2 000 mm
resolution: 3296 x 2472 px
measuring points per scan: 8 mln