Accommodation in the university Student Dormitory “BULIONIK” and university guest rooms

Incoming students and staff are offered accommodation in the university Student Dormitory “BULIONIK” and university guest rooms. Monthly fee for the rental varies from 270 PLN to 600 PLN depending on the standard of the room and number of students sharing the room. Prices for guest rooms vary from 50 PLN to 100 PLN for one night.

If you are interested in booking a place in the student dormitory, select this option in your Erasmus+ application form and make sure you inform International Relations Office about the date of your arrival before you come. Only in this way can the dormitory be prepared and await your arrival.

Dormitory rooms are furnished and you will be given covers, pillows and bedding. You are advised to take towels, kitchen utensils (cups, plates, cutlery). You can also bring small electric kettles to boil water in your rooms.

There are kitchens for students on each floor for everyday use. They are equipped with cookers and microwaves.  The dormitory offers also a barbeque place.

There are washing machines available for reasonable amount of money and places to dry your clothes on wing-type laundry dryers.

Downstairs, in the dormitory basement, there is a gym and table tennis area. There is also a students’ club – HADES.

The dormitory is well connected to the city center by bus. There are numerous buses that, with convenient schedules, let you reach all University Faculties. And the bus stop is located right in front of the building.

The dormitory operates seven days a week, on a 24-hour basis. From 6 am to 10 pm there are dormitory administrators who work on two shifts. From 10 pm to 6 am there are security workers who may temporarily close the main door at night to patrol the dormitory facilities.

The Dormitory requires a refundable deposit of 200 PLN against any damage to property or payment delays resulting from the fault of the student.

Monthly rent for your dormitory room should be paid in the Dormitory or in the University Financial Office by the 25th of the preceding calendar month, at the latest. For example: when you pay your rent for November, you should do it by the 25th of October. The charge for the month of your arrival will be calculated individually taking into account the exact period of your stay. Interest shall be charged for late payment under the laws, regulations and administrative provisions.