I’m Abdallah, a Palestinian student at Bethlehem University- Palestine. Personal experience is a more profound teacher than the knowledge imparted by schools’ books. The journey of life itself reveals the splendor, uniqueness, and magnificence of different cultures. I am elated to have been granted the opportunity to pursue my studies at the distinguished University of Akademia Kaliska, where I have been exposed to novel and innovative educational methodologies. The faculty and staff have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating an environment that fosters learning and growth. 

I have discovered that diversity is the hallmark of excellence, and that our differences enable us to gain a more comprehensive and exquisite understanding of the world around us. I have had the privilege of sharing my time in Kalisz with colleagues from Mozambique, Turkey, Georgia, and Albania, as well as with the Polish people, and have had the opportunity to learn about their respective cultures. Every conversation has been met with admiration and respect, and I have gained valuable insights into cultures through visits to the splendid museums and cities. Also, As an Erasmus student at Akademia Kaliska, I have had the privilege of studying in Poland and simultaneously exploring various parts of Europe in the same time.

The opportunity to study in a nurturing and supportive environment, travel to captivating destinations, and interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds has undoubtedly had a profound impact on both my personal and academic growth.

Bethlehem University, Palestine