Hello everyone! My name is Andreea I am from Romania and I study physiotherapy. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this Erasmus+ program at the University of Kalisz. This program had an enormous impact on me, I learned a lot. 

In these four months thanks to this program, I have developed a lot both personally and professionally.

Before this experience, I had never lived alone and I was little nervous because I didn’t know how I was going to handle all the household things on my own. Luckily, I had great luck with my friends from Turkey. They taught me to cook so many dishes. They also had a lot of patience learning me all I need to know about the household. I can confidently say that I have become much more self-sufficient, and the prospect of living on my own no longer intimidates me.

Additionally, I have enhanced my English communication skills through this experience. Moreover, I have had the privilege of meeting wonderful people from various countries, including Turkey, Ukraine, Palestine, Poland, and Portugal. This exposure has significantly broadened my cultural understanding, allowing me to learn diverse aspects of these nations’ cultures. I want to express my gratitude to all the friends I’ve made in Kalisz. Each of them is exceptional and has played a crucial role in my personal growth. They have imparted valuable lessons, enabling me to perceive life in a significantly different and more beautiful way.

Also, I would like to express my gratitude to my friend Halyna Tynkaliuk. She is an exceptional person and a good friend. Halyna is currently studying in Poland and has taken care of a significant number of Erasmus+ students, including myself. I am fortunate to have met such a kind-hearted individual. Halyna supported me during a challenging period when I was sick. She drove to pick me up, accompanied me to the hospital, and ensured my transportation back. Upon reaching the hospital, she stayed with me, communicating with the medical staff in Polish, as not many people were fluent in English. I am truly thankful for her presence, as I don’t know how I would have managed without her, given the language barrier.

From a professional standpoint, I have been fortunate to have exceptional professors who have imparted valuable insights into physiotherapy. During my studies in Poland, I attended the Faculty of Health Sciences, where I acquired knowledge about various techniques that were entirely new to me before coming here. I appreciated the practical orientation of the majority of the classes, recognizing the significance of hands-on experience in this field.

Furthermore, I pursued the Human Resources Development course at the Faculty of Social Sciences. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to take this course as it provided me with a wealth of knowledge about communication and self-discovery. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on encouraging students to express and support their viewpoints in this course.

Additionally, I would like to express special thanks to Mrs. Monika Napadłek. Mrs. Monika has taken exceptional care of me, providing assistance and displaying remarkable patience. Without her support, I am uncertain how I would have managed.

Monika also organized a delightful excursion to Wroclaw, inviting all Erasmus+ students. Furthermore, she organized various events that helped us get to know each other better. Her efforts have significantly contributed to a positive and enriching experience during my time here.

Moreover, I am immensely pleased to have had the opportunity to travel to three countries I had not visited before: Germany, the Czech Republic, and Sweden. Additionally, I had the chance to explore numerous cities in Poland, including: Poznań, Lodz, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and, of course, Kalisz. I found the cities to be captivating, and Poland, in general, is a beautiful country with warm and welcoming people.

I would like to share a bit about my experience in Kalisz. Despite being a relatively small city, Kalisz offers everything you need and provides a peaceful and charming environment. Kalisz features two shopping malls, offering various options for activities. Additionally, the city provides opportunities for physical fitness, with options such as gym facilities available. Dance classes are also accessible for those interested in cultural and recreational pursuits. Also, Kalisz houses a climbing wall facility, open once a week, for the enthusiasts of this adventurous activity. Furthermore, Kalisz’s advantageous location in close proximity to two major cities, Lodz and Poznań.

It is important to note that it hasn’t always been easy, as being far from family and loved ones for extended periods can be challenging. Living alone in a foreign country and speaking a different language present their own set of difficulties. Despite I missed my family a lot, this program has helped me to have more independence and confidence in myself and my abilities. I recommend any student to participate in an Erasmus+ program, as it offers valuable personal and professional growth opportunities.