Before my first the Erasmus+ in Poland, I was really scared. I used to stay near my family almost all the time. However, when I’ve come to Poland, I’ve realized that the people there are really friendly. Even those, who couldn’t speak English tried to help me at the train station. I’ve arrived in Kalisz and where I’ve met a lot of people from different countries and of different religions. Regardless, we’ve shared one trait – the common respect to each other. I’ve learned not to judge people based on their stereotypes. Despite being the only person from Bulgaria there, I’ve felt like I was the part of this strong, accessible, and friendly community. I’ve found a home in Kalisz,  and it will forever remain in my heart. This is the case mainly due to helpful teachers there. The international office was amazing, always helpful and reliable, particularly Manasterska PhD. She was always fair and kind, especially when she served the role of a teacher. I’ve learned something from everyone in that university. Some things were practical and nearly everyone was using some new and creative solutions. I believe that all of them were making a part of the complete whole of the university, and they’ve left a special mark in all of us. To conclude,  Kalisz welcomes you just the way you are. It doesn’t matter whether you speak fluently, or what you believe in. Each of the friends I’ve made at the Erasmus+ taught me new things.  So, I really can say that the Erasmus+ made me a better person.

Stopanska Akademia “D.A. Tsenov” Svishtov, Bulgaria