Hello, I’m Ricardo. I could not have chosen a better destination than what I chose which was a city in Poland called Kalisz. During my Erasmus+ course, I came across many people, namely teachers, our supervisor, the dormitory staff, among other people who have always helped me and guided me in the best possible way. My colleagues and I still managed to visit several destinations within Poland, such as Krakow, Warsaw, Sopot, Gdansk, and many others, which were good experiences that I will never forget.
Regarding the training part, everything went well despite the fact that we were in a pandemic season, the classes were all online, but even so we had all the help and help from our teachers. A big thank you for everything to everyone and I hope in the future I still find these phenomenal people who helped me so much.
To all students who are looking to have a different experience and go from Erasmus+, I strongly advise you to think about going to Kalisz in Poland.

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal