I think everyone should be an Erasmus student at least once in their life! This experience gave me the opportunity to travel, study, and learn so much more than any school or university can offer in some aspects. I have learned so much about myself and others during my stay in Europe in general, because in every place you go, you will find different people with different personalities and attitudes. For me, every place that I went to was a unique experience. I am always eager to see and learn more about other countries, cultures, languages, and of course, people. And that’s what I did! During my stay I exchanged languages, food, and culture with other polish and international people. 

Living in a peaceful and quiet place like Kalisz may not seem like the best place for a student, but on the other hand, it was part of the experience for me, plus to the fact that after all the hectic traveling, I needed some break! Another thing is, no matter where you live in the world, people around you are what make an experience better! I was able to visit my other Erasmus+ friends in Romania, Italy, Sweden, and Turkey. And let me tell you that each one of us had a different experience and they’re all amazing!

Bethlehem University, Palestine students in Kalisz

Bethlehem University, Palestine