Hello, I’m Karina. I am very grateful to the Erasmus+ program and receiving organisation – University of Kalisz for wonderful unforgettable time and invaluable experience gained during my mobility in Kalisz.

This opportunity allowed me to enjoy the rich culture of Poland and other countries (in my case Norway, Sweden and Denmark), to communicate with incredible people from all over the world and to understand the specifics of living abroad.

Thanks to the receiving university from the first days of arrival, many meetings and events were organized, which not only provided all the necessary information, but also created a friendly atmosphere and were convenient for socializing with other exchange students.

Moreover, all the teachers were incredibly kind and ready to help with solving any problems. Also, the level of their teaching was at a fairly high level and each lesson was very interesting and exciting.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone, thanks to whom my old dream came true and changed my life radically.